By combining the constitutional remedies of Homeopathy with the dietary and lifestyle recommendations of Ayurveda, individual strategies are provided for achieving and maintaining robust health of body, mind and spirit.

Healing Modalities

Bodywork Therapies
Transformational Movement Therapy



Ayurveda, “knowledge of life,” is the ancient science of India that focuses on identifying  the primary constitution one was born with based on the doshas of vata, pitta and kapha; learning how to eat, exercise, sleep and live in harmony with nature to prevent illness and cultivate well-being; and utilizing various techniques and lifestyle changes to address current imbalances that need to be shifted to restore robust health.

In Ayurveda, diet and lifestyle are individualized and may involve strengthening the digestive function (agni), removing toxins from the body (panchakarma), and rejuvenating depleted or damaged tissues through diet and herbs (rasayana). Specific bodywork therapies are also used both in the detox processes, as well as to treat various muscle or joint conditions that need special care and rejuvenation.

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Homeopathy utilizes infinitesmal doses of highly potentized remedies to stimulate one’s own life force to create a healing response from the inside out.

In a homeopathy consultation, the totality of symptoms are explored on a mental, emotional and physical level and a remedy that matches this totality and essence of the person’s constitution is chosen.


Andrew began his bodywork training in his youth and over the years enhanced his skills with training in shiatsu, tuina, sports massage and Ayurvedic bodywork therapies.  These therapies are utilized to relieve pain in joints and muscles and to restore health to areas that have been affected by trauma or chronic health conditions.

Often we hold onto age-old emotional hurts and traumas deep within our body and create a tight armor around specific areas.  Our body then holds certain postures and muscular rigidity that inhibit our free emotional expression and increase physical tension and pain.

Transformational Movement Therapy

Dr. Andrew conducts Transformational Movement Therapy workshops for groups to assist in helping people identify where they are manifesting blocks and inhibitions that limit our full expression.  Through awareness and movement, gradually, we can open up and remove these physical and emotional obstacles and arrive at a place of celebrating our joyous selves.

Dr. Andrew combines his training in Asian Bodywork (and their corresponding channels/meridians and marma/acupuncture points) with over 30 years of Eastern and Middle Eastern dance experience to help others release emotional blockages and physical rigidity and celebrate fluidity of feelings and movement.